Saturday, February 6, 2010


Tonight I drove my four oldest children to the church to meet their rides for winter camp. While there in the parking lot I really enjoyed the fellowship with other adults getting ready to see their children off as well. I was really touched by how each of my children came up at different times, hugged and kissed me and told me that they love me. What a blessing it is to know that and hear it expressed. When I arrived at home I took my wife for a walk. We briskly walked to keep our hearts pumping in the cold air while we enjoyed conversation. We expressed to one another the thoughts and challenges of the day exchanging advice on how to handle tomorrow. Again I reflected how special it was that we have a relationship and can express love. Later I watched "Fame" with my two youngest daughters while my two youngest sons watched "Clifford the Big Red Dog." I noticed how cute the boys were sitting in a chair together with their fresh crew cuts eating snacks and laughing. Downstairs the girls and I were so "inspired" as we watched the talented artists working hard for their dreams. As we all snuggled with blankets I thought how blessed I am to have all of this love in my life. Earlier I called my parents to see how they are with all of the snow storms on the eastern seaboard. They were fine. We discussed the news of the day and finished with that precious ending "I love y'all," "We love y'all too." God is a good God who loves to give good gifts to be enjoyed. He has lavished it on me. My brother is going to have cancer surgery this month, but then he and his family are supposed to come visit. Another opportunity to love and be loved. Life is short. Make sure to let people know you love them, and thank the Lord for all the love He gives.
His fame is glorious.